Anne Kruse, M.S.


Let’s all read aloud in an English accent to afford proper pomp and respect

Cupcake with candle in a corkscrew shape
Photo credit: Karoli Brabowsk on

The bridge leading to Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland
The Bridge to Make Believe That We’re All Okay (Photo credit: Avel Chuklano on Unsplash)

a collection of multi-colored paper tags laying on a surface
Photo credit: Miguel ‘A on

Dishing on the give-and-take of being an awesome follow partner

people around a table full of food toasting with glasses
Photo credit: fauxels on

The struggle to wave a rainbow flag is real

A hand with a rainbow of paint colors on it
Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon on

The practicalities of virtuous impatience

A man pointing his index finger right into the lens at you
Photo credit: Rodopho Zanardo on

* Sit down, shut up and listen (SSL for those in a rush)

Anne Kruse, M.S.

Writer, Career Concierge, Conveyor of humor, insightful absurdities, and some stuff we really should talk about. T: @AnneKruseWriter

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